Making Graduation Announcements in Style

You are set to graduation in a couple of months, but you don’t have money to go out and have them designed? First, you can decide to make them on your own. I once had a friend who made her graduation cards out of used paper bags and sent them off just like that thru the mail. Of course, there were wrinkles in the bags, and she didn’t have all the fancy fonts to fool with, but she did have a pleasant personality and showcased her love for arts and crafts.

Should I Call Uncle Picasso

Secondly, there is another choice, and that is to raise some cash and go up to the next notch. Your next option will be to print out on the smallest pieces of paper you can find, your invitation. If you can’t think of any ideas on what to say you can go online and look at any one of the hundreds of┬ásites┬áthat print out graduation announcements of all kinds. Remember, the invitation doesn’t have to be your Ph.D. thesis, just simple and straightforward will do.

Exciting Invitations

Making sure all the essential information is given like who you are and where you are graduating. It would be unfortunate for your favorite Uncle or Aunt to have traveled all the way to your graduation and not know where they are to go once they get into town. Getting pass this hurdle will get you into a whole new option that is more exciting. You do have another option if you still are lacking the money to make some lovely invitations. This one is a little more convenient and could be just as easy. I don’t know why you didn’t think of this one at. It is better to save the best for last and it gives you more time to pre-qualify your previous options.

Final IOS Option

For this option, you will need an iPhone and the cost of one month’s subscription. Software designers are doing amazing things these days, and they have created many apps that allow you to create your invitation on your phone, put all your messages together and text them off in one huge file and wait for their reply. If all your wanting is to give your relatives, friends, and extended family the chance to come to see you wearing your Senior Graduation Hat (and maybe a gift or tow), then this option is right for you. Your total cost will be less than it costs you to buy a quarter pounder combo with large fries and your favorite drink.

Looking Towards Graduation Night

There you have it all in one place. Now you have several options to get your family and cousins over to see you and give you that big applause on graduation night, which you so surely deserve. If between now and the time you start you come into some extra cash, you can change these plans and go up to a higher costing option. When your principal puts that graduation certificate in your hands on that big night all this will be worth it. Don’t you agree?