Is College Athletes Deserve to be Paid?

Many budgets prepared for athletics in college. Sometimes the head coaches are paid millions of dollars to train athletic teams, but on the other hand, students who become athletes, sometimes just received a scholarship, even not rarely even some to go hungry because there was no budget for the athletes. Some people argue this is grossly unfair to the athletes. So, should college athletes be paid because of that. But some other people who assume that the athletes should be grateful, because they already get free education in today. Lecture facilities, education, literature books, and others can be enough compensation for athletes in college. Not to mention the budget that must be spent to pay these athletes will be taken from where?

Actually athletics in college can bring profit large enough to the college concerned. But if the athletes planned to be paid by the college, feared would happen NCAA massive exploitation of the black athletes. Because many of the background of poor families, shortages, and poor education. So that when this is done, it will have an impact on academic failure inevitable, college name would be bad for the percentage of students who experience academic failure is increasing. Or in the case could have been worse, these scholarships marred by the college itself. How to? The coach invites his students to enter the lecture hall is empty, then planned to make the curriculum shadow or false curriculum that does not really exist, or may be other ways that they can use to manipulate data.

However, strict control and allocation of funds are really on target, then it would be better if these athletes are paid with a budget that is already provided by the college. So there is no longer a story that circulated among residents that the college athletes starvation. Education is an important thing, so at least if there is free education was a natural thing. However, if there are scholarship students do not live with decent, even more difficult to eat every day, is not the name of the universities will also be bad in the eyes of the public? Just think about it.